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Endowment Funds

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Endowment Funds are the best vehicle for long-term benefit to the community. Each requires a minimum $10,000 donation, and you can choose from the various kinds of endowed funds according to how involved you want to be in grantmaking.

With more than $100 million in assets, the Springfield Foundation is comprised of more than 500 individual charitable funds – each with a purpose that reflects a donor or family's particular philanthropic goals.

While there are as many different kinds of funds at the Springfield Foundation as there are donors, most of our funds fall within seven main categories:


Types of Funds

Unrestricted Funds allow the Springfield Foundation’s Board of Trustees its greatest flexibility in making grants to the community. These gifts address ever changing needs – including future needs that often cannot be anticipated at the time the gift is given. Learn more

Field of Interest Funds allow the donor to support charitable organizations that address issues they care about most. The Foundation will make grants to the most appropriate and effective organizations within the donor’s chosen field of interest. Learn more

Designated Funds create ongoing, reliable support for nonprofits and organizations you care about. The Springfield Foundation works to help you carry out your unique charitable goals. Learn more

Donor Advised Funds are the perfect option for donors who value freedom, flexibility and choice. Donor advised funds offer a hands-on approach to philanthropy and are ideal for those wanting to give to multiple organizations throughout the year. Learn more

Scholarship Funds empower local students to achieve their dreams. With either a limited, or traditional scholarship fund, you help students in our community advance their higher learning. Learn more

Agency Endowments provide an exemplary service tailored to the needs and capacity of nonprofits in our community. The Springfield Foundation helps organizations build their endowment funds to be a resource to support, enhance and expand the services provided to impact our community. Learn more

Horizon Funds allow you to donate even small amounts as you build your fund to the $10,000 Endowment Fund level. Learn more

Charitable Checking Accounts are perfect for streamlining your annual giving. This non-endowed, donor advised fund allows you to contribute assets to your fund at any time and then recommend grants to support nonprofit organizations of your choice. Learn more




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