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African American Community Family of Funds

The purpose of the African-American Community Family of Funds is to encourage philanthropy among African-Americans in Clark County. The funds help to provide resources for a broad range of current and future charitable needs throughout our community.

The African-American Community Family of Funds are component funds of the Springfield Foundation. This relationship is most beneficial to the community because it allows the Foundation to pool resources for greater returns on investments, which then can be used to support worthy causes.


Clark County's African-American community has always had a rich tradition of giving to important causes. In 2004, a group of African ­Americans came together to form an affiliate at the Springfield Foundation. As in other com­munities, this family of funds was developed as an additional resource to make an enduring impact on the community.


The AACF Affiliate is a family of donor-created endowment funds that benefit the African-­American community. These funds target local nonprofit organizations and scholarships that help young people reach their educational goals. As donors create new funds, the Affiliate's impact will grow even further by continually improving the quality of life for everyone in Clark County.


The Fund's objectives are focused in three areas:

To receive gifts, grants and bequests for specific and broad African-American community charitable interests.

To advise and assist donors who would benefit from the use of the Fund to achieve their charitable goals.

To award grants from endowment funds to benefit charitable causes and programs worthwhile to African-Americans.


This AACF Unrestricted Fund is the cornerstone of the African-American Community Family of Funds. Its purpose is to encourage philanthropy among African-Americans and others in Clark County. The fund's impact is in its flexibility to provide much-needed resources for a variety of African-American charitable causes both now and in the future.

Each gift made to the AACF General Unrestricted Fund is combined with those of other donors. Annually, a percentage of the income generated by the fund's pooled resources is distributed as grants to local nonprofit organizations. Grants from this pool are available only to programs that serve the interests of African-Americans within Clark County. Grant proposals are reviewed and funding is recommended by members of the African-American Community Fund Advisory Committee.


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