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The Impact of Volunteer Time in Grant Proposals

Culture Works recently welcomed Randy Cohen to explore the Arts & Economic Prosperity 6 Study. This study highlights the vital role of nonprofit arts and culture organizations in enhancing communities across the U.S. Nonprofits rely heavily on financial support from funders and private donations to fulfill their mission, and amidst challenges like shrinking budgets and competing priorities, Arts & Economic Prosperity 6 offers a compelling message: investing in the arts strengthens economies and fosters livable communities. 

Overall, the study emphasizes the need for data-driven grant proposals, showcasing how nonprofits can leverage insights to make a stronger case for funding. Specifically, it discusses the importance of tracking measures, such as volunteer time. While volunteers may not have a direct economic impact, their contributions are invaluable. For instance, in Ohio, 1 volunteer hour is valued at $29.17, highlighting the significant value volunteers bring to organizations. By demonstrating the tangible benefits of programming, nonprofits can effectively secure funding to continue their impactful work. 
We are grateful to have sponsored this event, along with Clark State College, and the Turner Foundation—as well as to the Springfield Symphony Orchestra for their organization of the event! 

Photo by Brett Turner