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After a two year hiatus, the Extraordinary Women of Clark County Luncheon, presented by the Women’s Partnership Funds, returned on May 3, 2022 to recognize the honorees from 2020 and 2022.

Victoria Dawson-Scruse, Board President, reflects on the past and discusses her vision for the future of the Springfield Foundation.

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the summer of 2020 opened many eyes to things that have been going on in our country for decades.  There was nowhere to go, many were working from home, and even more were social distancing from family, friends and neighbors...

SpringForward, which formed in 2015, is a non-profit organization revitalizing Springfield’s urban downtown core through real estate developments. SpringForward was formed by Mercy Health Springfield, the Springfield Foundation, Speedway, the Turner Foundation and the Walter S. Quinlan Foundation, along with assistance from the City, County and the Greater Springfield Partnership. See what SpringForward has accomplished in six years!

The African-American Community Fund (AACF) was created in 2004 and is the Springfield Foundation’s first Affiliate, or family of funds. It all started with founders Robert Burton, Waverly Glover, Lester Smithers, and a $25,000 gift, which has now grown to over $600,000! These funds are created by individuals, families and organizations to provide grants to local non-profit organizations and scholarships to further the education of local students.

One of the critical issues in Springfield is the amount of homes that are non-livable or simply eye sores in our neighborhoods. In parts of southwest Springfield, more than one third of structures (houses and other buildings) are vacant. Our community is a committed, hopeful one and there is an organization stepping up to support the rebuilding of southwest Springfield’s distressed properties. Follow the link above to read more about 1159 South's upcoming work.