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Reentry Simulation Participation was Eye Opening for Foundation Staff

Having gone through and experienced The Cost of Poverty Simulation for the first time last year to now signing up for the Reentry Simulation this year in April, I figured I would see the same or a similar type of reaction from both myself and those who would be participating. I was wrong!

Many of us have heard the metaphor of “walking in someone else’s shoe” but COPE and the Reentry Coalition gave those words a different meaning by producing it as an organized and simulated reality. Giving myself and others an opportunity to experience a glimpse and likely a mild form of life struggles that those who are returning to society from incarceration must face, these being the barriers that they must navigate through in order stay afloat or to simply not end back where they just left, in prison or worse.

The whole thing was very well orchestrated, but I must say at the end of the simulation when we all gathered to share our personal reflection as to what we felt, it was at that time when it brought the whole experience together. It proved that in reality, we as humans all have these unconscious personal biases when it comes to unfamiliar individuals and/or circumstances, but by taking the time to listen, have some compassion, and lend a hand at times, can really make the difference in the life trajectory for someone.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed it and strongly recommend others to try it out. Find out more here: