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Agency Endowments

Agency Endowment Funds are created by local nonprofit organizations that wish to take advantage of the Springfield Foundation’s financial management and administrative resources, including advice on increasing endowments through planned giving.

Agency Endowment Funds protect the capital of your organization, show a commitment to long term financial planning, and create a steady stream of perpetual income. 

Investment Advantages

Our investment committee, comprised of local leaders, business owners and financial executives, work tirelessly to oversee our Investment Manager, Marquette Associates. By pooling assets, our $60+ million balance pool is diversely invested, giving your organization access to investment opportunities not commonly available to small-mid size nonprofits.

About Marquette

An independent investment-consulting firm, Marquette Associates guides institutional programs with a focused there-point approach and careful research. Marquette has served a single mission since 1986 – enable institutions to become more effective investment stewards. Marquette currently has 74 employees and manages 286 clients with $124 billion under management.

Ready To Open Your Endowment?
I am here to help.

Sarah McPherson
Director of Marketing and Development